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Common Questions - ReSTOR® Cataract Surgery

After your cataract surgery

Must I wear sunglasses provided all time?

Wear the sunglasses when outdoors for about a week.  If you prefer you may wear your own sunglasses.  There is no need to wear them indoors or outdoors in dim or overcast light.

There is a red spot or stain on the white of my eye.  Is this serious?

Small noticeable blood spots over the whites of the eye are common.  They are harmless, and usually gone in a matter of days or weeks. Use your lubricating drops for faster results.

Can I sleep on either side after surgery?

With the eye guard taped in place, you can sleep on either side.

How is ReSTOR® Multifocal Lens different from a standard traditional lens?

The ReSTOR® is a multifocal intraocular lens, with multiple focal points.  It provides quality vision at distance, intermediate, as well as up close. A standard traditional IOL is a monofocal lens, with one focal point, which allows you to see well in the distance, but it limits you to glasses for intermediate and up close.

Is it normal to feel dryness or watery eyes?

Yes, the eye is healing and may feel slightly irritated at times. This experience clears within about 1 to 3 weeks. Lubrication with artificial tears will help tremendously.

Should I feel pain after surgery?

For the first few hours after surgery, there may be some slight discomfort, but not severe.  You will be provided with an ample supply of anesthetic in your kit to be used sparingly if necessary.

How long should I use my eye drops?

Refer to the instruction sheet given at your pre-op appointment.  Antibiotics drops for 1 week after, and anti-inflammatory drops 3 weeks after surgery.

How soon can I drive after my cataract surgery?

As soon as you see well enough to be confident, you may drive.  You must be recovered from medication, and comfortable in the lighting of day and night.  Avoid driving on the freeway until you have seen the doctor for your post-op appointment the morning following your surgery.

Is it normal to see yellow spots on the eye underneath the eyelid after surgery?

Yes, this is surgical medication slowly being released to help the eye heal properly.