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What is Strabismus Amblyopia? Diagnosis & Treatment

Strabismus, also known as an eye turn, crossed eye or wandering eye, is a lack of coordination between the eyes. This lack of neuromuscular control leads to double images. If not treated early, strabismus can lead to loss of vision or amblyopia. Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a condition where the brain suppresses, or ignores one of the images to avoid seeing double.

Strabismus can result due to improper development of eye muscle coordination in infants and children. It can also be due brain injury such as trauma, stroke or aneurysm that causes paralysis of a nerve that controls the muscle. Any problems with the nerves or muscles that control eye movement as well as any excessive farsightedness (hyperopia), or a large difference between the vision of each eye may result in strabismus.

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